DS A01 100 125 lCentral vacuum cleaner consisting of one silenced SIEMENS turbine with three-phase side channel motor without transmission, secured on a metal frame, IP55 safety degree; - cyclonic dust separator in steel, painted with epoxy powder, secured on a metal frame, filter chamber equipped with industrial-conceived star filter made of special polyester cloth with high withholding properties, deflector for the mechanical- gravitational separation of dust, dirt receptacle on wheels with disposable plastic bags and cushioned fasteners, safety and compensation valves, arranged for pressure compensation system in the dust bag, manual filter shaker; - electric control box with IP56 safety degree, realized in accordance with CEI norms, with low-voltage (12 V) outlet and equipped with electric chart for linkage; - connections for correct linkage to the piping network and all other parts and accessories for the professional setting of the system.

In standard conditions for 1 use only

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